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EPA Risk Management Plan Rule

Section 112(r) of the Clean Air Act Amendments requires EPA to publish regulations and guidance for chemical accident prevention at facilities that use or store certain hazardous chemicals. These regulations are contained in the Risk Management Plan (RMP) rule, 40 CFR Part 68, which was built upon existing industry codes and standards. Facilities holding or using more than a threshold amount of a regulated chemical in a process are required to comply with EPA’s RMP rule. Hence, covered facilities must develop and implement a risk management program and submit an initial RMP to the EPA. Moreover, facilities must update and resubmit RMPs at least once every 5 years, or whenever the process changes.

Along with updating and resubmitting RMPs, facilities with Program Level 2 and 3 processes must also perform compliance audits on their risk management plans at least once every 3 years. Assero has helped several facilities develop, implement and update RMPs to safeguard employees while maintaining compliance with the EPA. Because of Assero’s experience developing RMPs, they also have the in-depth knowledge to perform comprehensive RMP compliance audits. Assero’s compliance audits always include recommendations along with best practices to keep your facility compliant.

The EPA classifies processes into 3 separate program levels to ensure that individual processes are subject to requirements that appropriately match their size and the risks they pose to the facility’s employees and the surrounding communities. Program 1 imposes the least amount of hazard assessment requirements while Program 3 imposes the most. In addition, Program 3 facilities are required to use OSHA’s PSM standard as the prevention program. For more information about the different Program levels, click here.

risk-management-plan-ammonia-facilityAssero’s Risk Management Planing Services include:

  • RMP Development, Submission & Resubmission
  • PHA Facilitation, Audits & Revalidations
  • Prevention Programs
  • Emergency Response Programs
  • RMP Compliance Audits & Assessments
  • Hazard Assessments



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