Mechanical Integrity & Reliability Programs

Mechanical Integrity Programs Designed Around Your Management & Maintenance Practices

A Mechanical Integrity Program (MIP) is the ongoing management of critical process equipment (equipment used to process, store or handle highly hazardous chemicals) to ensure the process and its components are designed, constructed, installed, maintained and/or replaced appropriately. Because the regulations surrounding MI can be unclear and the development and implementation is complex, Mechanical Integrity is typically the most common PSM citation of the 14 elements.

Assero has extensive experience developing, implementing and assisting with the maintenance of MI Programs in a wide range of industries. Therefore, our team has hands-on experience working with several complex processes and a multitude of highly hazardous chemicals.

Because all facilities are managed and operated differently, Assero works with you one-on-one to create a personalized Mechanical Integrity Program that coincides with your preexisting management and maintenance practices. Overall, our client based MI Programs are cost-effective and designed to:

  • improve operations;
  • minimize facility downtime;
  • reduce insurance premiums; and
  • clearly outline the steps required to maintain regulatory and insurance compliance.

Most importantly, our team works with you to understand the needs of your company in order to find solutions that cost-effectively keep your assets in peak performance. Because we include piping isometrics and defined testing points for API 510, 570 and 653, our programs allow for more consistent and precise measurements between testing periods — ultimately providing you with more accurate and reliable information. In addition, Assero offers full testing and inspection services for API 510, 570 and 653 standards.

Lastly, Assero implements the Mechanical Integrity Program into your Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), ensuring task and testing schedules are performed as required. Altogether, Assero Resources can help your facility from the development and implementation of a Mechanical Integrity program to the auditing, testing and inspections.

What Your Facility Receives

Mechanisms Typically Included in our Mechanical Integrity Programs
  • Mechanical Integrity Management System and Written Program
  • Documentation of Codes and Standards Utilized
  • Task and Testing Schedules for Covered Equipment and Piping
  • Inspection and Testing Forms
  • Documentation of Materials of Construction
  • Equipment and Piping Design Calculations
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Maintenance and Mechanical Integrity Related Procedures
  • Mechanical Integrity Related Training
  • Piping Isometrics, Testing Points, and Related Remaining Life and Corrosion Calculations
  • PSV Calculations, Certifications, and Related Documentation
  • Testing Documentation
  • Testing and Deficiency Corrective Actions


In addition to developing and implementing MI Programs, Assero also has the hands-on experience and knowledge to audit or assess your current program. 

Keeping your assets in peak performance is important, but keeping your employees safe is more important.